“I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care. You’ve got to make a sincere attempt to have the right goals to begin with, then go after them with appropriate effort, and remember that you can’t really achieve anything great without the help of others.” – Lou Holtz

We follow this simple guidance in everything that we do, and it leads us to ask three things of everyone we meet:

1) “Can I trust you?”
Like life itself, leadership is all about relationships. Without trust, these relationships are superficial.

2) “Are you committed?”
High-performing teams are committed to their goals and each other. Without commitment, extraordinary things are unlikely to be accomplished. But with commitment, the laws of physics seem to change–new opportunities open, new ideas flourish, and virtually anything is possible.

3) “Do you care about me?”

People implicitly ask, “If you don’t care about me, really care about me personally, then why should I care about you? If you do care about me, then what can I do to help you?”

How would you answer these questions?

If you feel you are someone others can trust and rely on, if you genuinely care about doing right by others and your team, and if you are committed to your professional and personal success, then you are the type of person we want to speak with.

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